Seeking Unity in Diversity

Morning Reading

“It is therefore no disparagement of philosophy to say of it that, in contrast with science, its method is subjective. Did we but realize it; there is greater safety in the knowledge of our own consciousness, which is direct, than in the knowledge of the world around us, which is indirect.”


“There is no more pathetic spectacle than that of an age which is bored with life. Materially our modern world is richer than perhaps any preceding age; spiritually we are paupers. Not all our truly wonderful physical accomplishments, not all our abundance of amusements and sensations can hide the fact that we are poor within. In fact, the task of the latter is but to hide the poverty within; when our inner life is arid we must needs create artificial stimuli from without to provide a substitute, or at least cause such an unbroken succession of ever varying sensations that we have no time to notice the absence of life from within.”


“With the dawn of intellect the mystery of primitive man is lost and naught but facts in their vulgarity remain; in the sublime ignorance of a self-satisfaction, which doubts neither itself nor the world, man moves among mysteries which, could he but realize them, would strike terror into his heart. And should he occasionally catch a glimpse of the mystery of life he but hastens to cover it up and even deny it, lest the comfort of his intellectual slumber should be disturbed. Rather than risk the chance of an upheaval of the familiar and comfortable facts of his existence he will shut his eyes to the unexplained and burn at the stake those who persist in seeing and questioning.”


“The awakening to the mystery of life is a revolutionary event; in it an old world is destroyed so that a new and better one may take its place, and all things are affected by the change.  We wake up to realize that we have never known ourselves, that we have lived as in a blind dream of ceaseless activity in which there was never a moment of self recollection.”


from The Quest of Life by J. J. Van der Leeuw



Thou Art God/dess

Neopagans believe that divinity is both immanent (internal) and transcendent (external), with immanence being far more important for people to pay attention to right now. This principle of immanence is frequently phrased as, “Thou art God” or “Thou art Goddess.” (The former phrase was taken originally from Robert Heinlein’s classic novel, Stranger in a Strange Land, and the Neopagan organization it inspired, the Church of All Worlds.) Deities can manifest at any point in space or time which They might choose, whether externally (through apparent “visitations”) or internally (through the processes known as “inspiration,” “conversation,” “channeling,” and “possession”). This belief often develops among Neopagans into pantheism(“the physical world is divine”), panentheism(“the Gods are everywhere”), animism (“everything is alive”), or monism (“everything that exists is one being”) all of which are concepts accepted by some Neopagans.

Original Sanctity

Neopagans believe that children are born holy, since they have no barriers of consciousness between them and their indwelling deities. So the concept of “original sin” — the idea that all children are born innately evil and have to be cleansed by a magical ceremony before they can become good — is alien to us. Babies arrive in a morally and ethically neutral state, although the reincarnationists among us would claim that tendencies towards certain types of behavior may be carried from previous lifetimes. Because of this reverence for children, Neopagans do not approve of any form of child abuse. Some members of our community may perpetuate the abuse they received growing up in a dysfunctional mainstream culture, but unlike in many other faith communities, such mistreatment is not religiously justified nor excused.

Goddesses and Gods

Neopagans believe that divinity is as likely to manifest in a female form as it is in a male form, and that the word “Goddess” makes just as much sense as “God.” Women and men are spiritually equal, and “masculine” and “feminine” attitudes, values, and roles are of equal importance, regardless of the physical gender of those exercising them. Many Neopagans believe that feminine energies and values are more needed to balance masculine excesses of current cultures. Hence, the common emphasis on Goddesses in our myths and rites, and the presence of “Goddesses-only” worshipers as a significant minority of the Neopagan community.

Polytheism and Pluralism

Neopagans believe in a multiplicity of gods and goddesses, as well as “lesser” beings, many of Whom are worthy of respect, love and worship. We have a wide variety of non-exclusive concepts as to the nature of these entities. While some of us believe in a “Supreme Being,” we don’t anthropomorphise Him/Her/It/Them — i.e., a Supreme Being is not perceived as even remotely humanoid — a concept like the Tao or the “Force” is perhaps closer to an adequate concept. Even when such a Being is part of the picture, Neopaganism as a whole is polytheistic and focuses its attention on the deities associated with our planet.

Within that overall polytheism, much of Neopaganism is “duotheistic” (with female deities seen as aspects of a single Goddess, and male deities as aspects of a single God). A significant minority of Neopagans worship only female deities. Along with polytheism comes a logical tendency towards pluralism, leading thoughtful Neopagans to reject dualistic or “binary” logic systems that paint the universe in terms of black vs. white, in favor of multivalued or “fuzzy” logic systems that accept the astonishing complexity and ambiguity of life, the universe, and everything.

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When Christians, Muslims, and Jews Loved Magic

 A silver scroll found in Jordan is a reminder of how big the market for ‘magic’ objects was in ancient Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

In 2014 a paper-thin metal scroll was discovered in the ruins of a city destroyed by an earthquake in Jerash (Jordan) in the mid-8th century. The scroll was unearthed in a battered lead case, but was too fragile to be unfurled. 

This fall, however, scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark unraveled its secrets.

Using digital imaging of the lettering inside the scientists were able to see the writing. The results appear to be gibberish, but what the discovery does do is tell us a great deal about the market for magical objects in the ancient world.

The scroll is made of silver and contains 17 lines of text that were inscribed with a fine rounded-tipped stylus (a scratchy pen).  After it was inscribed it was rolled up and placed in the small lead container and there it stayed. Scholars believe that the silver scroll is an amulet. Amulets are magical objects that are often worn on the body to ward off ill-fortune, bad luck, demonic interference, disease, and disaster. 


One of the most interesting things about the amulet is that it is written in a non-language. It resembles Arabic but many of the letter forms are formed with a vertical stroke and a number of commonly used Arabic letters are completely absent. This has led archeologists to conclude that this is pseudo-Arabic nonsense. It is made to resemble Arabic (possibly because the client was an Arab) but it doesn’t convey actual substance. This kind of pseudo-writing is common in magical texts: There are a number of incantation bowls at the British Museum, for example, that are written in pseudo-Aramaic. And, as the study points out, examples of this kind of thing are in the Muslim world as well.

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Gems, Crystals and Stones: Lapis Lazuli

This is one of my favourite Gems. I bought one recently for my mom’s good friend. My mom told me to go to my local boutique store that had gem stone jewelry and said pick whatever. At first I didn’t know what to get. After awhile I kept coming back to a small deep blue pendent. So I bought it learning that it was a lapis lazuli. After researching a bit about it I told my mom about it and she told me it was perfect for her friend and asked me to type up some information about it to include with the pendent.


Lapis Lazuli is 6000 years old and is one of the most earliest gems to be found. Ancient Egyptians used the gem in pendents. The Assyrians and Babylonians used it for cylinder seals . Its thought that the Pharaoh Cleopatra wore powered lapis lazuli for eye shadow. The powdered form was also used by painters in the Medieval and Renaissance periods but because it got so expensive people stopped using it for paintings as well as the discovery of a synthetic version in the 19th century.  Iraqi’s used lapis lazuli in statues and dishes, beads and cylinders for their noble/royalty. Its one of the few gems that is not actually a mineral. It is one of the most sought after gems in history more so then a diamond.


Lapis lazuli is usually found as a deep blue gem. It can sometimes be a greenish blue or violet. Also as seen above it can have other colours like yellow mixed into it.


Lapis lazuli increases one’s wisdom and problem solving skills. It is a powerful crystal to achieve a higher mind state. It increases people’s desire for truth, understanding and knowledge. It enhances memory as well. Its also known as the truth stone because it encourages people to be open and honest with themselves. If someone is giving a speech it gives the person more confidence. Lapis lazuli is also a stone of friendships and relationships as it brings harmony. To those with autism or a.d.d it brings a calming presence. This gem attracts success in careers. It has healing abilities physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Its used with chakra healing, meditation. It is considered a Goddess gem. Anyone born June 16th -21st, July 28th-August 1st it will lead you to your guardian angel.


  1. Persian Lapis is from Afghanistan
  2. Russian and Siberian Lapis are found in Russia and Siberia
  3. Chilean Lapis is found in Chile

Lapis Lazuli can be found in more places than just those. It can be found in Dattaw Valley near Mogok, Upper Burmal; Italian Mountain (Sawatch Range), Gunnison County, Colorado; Cascade Canyon, San Bernardino County, California; and Mono Lake, Mono County and California as well,


Persian Lapis

Russian/Siberian Lapis

Chilean Lapis


Creating Your Sacred Space on the Inner Plane


Most of the time, when we think of creating our Sacred Space, we think of casting our circle with tools and tangible aids, such as candles and incense, along with an idea of the physical size of the sacred space. There will, however, be times in which we may want to do a magical working in a time and place in which we do not have access to our tools, the physical space, or even the privacy to cast a protective circle in our usual way. In these situations it may be plausible to create our sacred space on the inner plane, rather than with tools. This is a method that uses your mind and senses, and requires a lot more visualisation so it is a good idea to have a good hold of visualisation before using this method in your working. It can also be an efficient method for strengthening your visualisation skills, and also your ability to work with the elements and with energy.

This method requires us to understand the elements, their correspondences and their influence on us. Some people also believe that the ability to work with the God and Goddess or indeed, to include them in your practice at all is needed in this method, but it all depends on your practice, as some people do not work deities at all. Can you still cast your sacred space on the inner plane? Of course!. I personally like to work with Mother Earth and the God along with my ancestral spirit guides on the inner plane, especially if this working involves healing work for another person.

A dear friend of mine named Dawn, aligned the elements in such a way with each part of us that I really like and it goes as follows.

Earth = Body Air = Thoughts Fire = Passion Water = Emotions Spirit = Spirit.

If the presence of the pentagram is important in your work you maybe like to begin by standing with your arms and legs outstretched to form the pentagram with your body. I prefer to visualisation the pentagram being drawn in the air, or even drawn the pentagram with my finger as it is more subtle, and also due to my preference of being still while working on the inner place.

For those that wish to work with the God and Goddess in your working, and are used to having a physical representation of the deities in their ritual bear in mind that every holds the masculine and feminine within themselves.

I will now share a method for creating the sacred space on the inner plane.

Method as taught to me by two wonderful teachers:


  • An understanding of what the elements mean and how they influence us

  • Visualisation skills

  • Your senses

  • Some quiet time

  • Knowledge and prior experience in casting a circle

  1. While we will be working on the inner plane, it is still important to get comfortable and settled in the physical space you are working in. Light some incense if you wish but this is only a luxury as we are working without tools in this method.

  2. Take some deep breaths to help strengthen your focus and to help calm and centre yourself. This is still very important despite the lack of tools. In fact, it is even more important, as with a lack of tools, many people will find that they have a harder time focuses. There is nothing wrong with this, it is just how some people work, but it is all the better reason to take some extra time to ground and centre yourself. You might like to chant a peace mantra for a few minutes before moving forward. A peace mantra that helps me to find my calm centre before working with this method is

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti which means “peace”

  1. Concentrate on the element of air. Connect with air and consider the correspondences it is associated with. Visualise yourself as feather being carried gently by the wind to your destination, like your intent in your magical working being carried to it’s completion.

  2. Next concentrate on the element of Fire. Again consider the correspondences it is linked to. Visualise the heat of the sun warming your skin, and the heat of the hot pavement of a summer day under your feet.

  3. Concentrate on the element of water and think about the correspondences here also. Visualise water washing away the dirt from your hands, cleaning them, and flowing around crops, allowing them life and the feel of rain on your skin

  4. Concentrate on the element of earth and again think about its correspondences. Visualise the cool earth between your toes, imagine yourself as a plant growing from the soil, the earth nourishing you, sustaining you.

  5. Visualise the God and Goddess in your space and invite them to stay and work with you, welcoming them into your circle in your own usual words.

  6. For the circle, visualise white light emanating from yourself, growing and expanding around you, forming a ball, or a bubble if you like to think of it like that.

  7. You now have created your sacred space on the inner plane.

  8. Perform whichever spell you intended to do, maybe a simple candle spell if you have a candle, or work completely without tools for your working also.

  9. When you are done, recall the energies you sent our by doing the same visualisation you did for creating the circle (number 8) but in reverse. Thank the God and Goddess for their presence and say goodbye.

  10. You must then banish the elements but visualising them fading away and leaving your space, thanking each other as they go. You have now closed your sacred space on the inner plane.

  11. Do not forget to ground yourself by whichever method you choose. A small snack and something to drink will do the trick!

I hope this is helpful to some of you, especially those of you who have trouble getting the time and space to set up your sacred space with tool. I use this method a lot myself and have done naturally for a long time. I became more efficient at it through the guidance of my dear friends Dawn and Danielle and I wanted to pass it on and share it with others.


Theories-Parallel Universes Part 2: The Mandela Effect


The Mandela effect is a newly discovered occurrence when multiple people believe one situation happened but it really didn’t happen or something changed.


This occurrence started with Nelson Mandela whom multiple sources claimed they heard about his death in prison in 1980. While in reality he died recently on Dec 3rd 2013 as a free man.  People still to this day though when asked when Nelson Mandela died and where they would say he died in prison in the 1980’s. Since this is the most famous occurrence of this situation it was named the Mandela Effect.


  1. Febreze- Most people including myself remember febreze being spelt  febreeze with two e’s rather than one.
  2. Bernstain Bears- this one is probably the 2nd most popular. A popular children’s book however, you might notice the name is different. Lots of people remember it as Bernstein Bears once again myself included.
  3. Monopoly Man aka Uncle Money bags- Once again I and countless others remember him wearing a monocle however, others claim he never wore one and still doesn’t.
  4. Star Wars movie Franchise’s famous line- “Luke I am your father” never happened the actual line was “No! I am your father.”
  5. Forest Gump famous line- “Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates” never happened it was  “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates.
  6. Snow White- The famous line “Mirror Mirror on the wall” is actually “Magic Mirror on the wall”
  7. A famous Book and Movie title- Most people say and hear it as An interview with a Vampire however, it is actually Interview with The Vampire.
  8. Famous cartoon monkey- Now I spent hours having to watch Curious George with a little girl I babysat. I remember quite clearly curious George having a tail but apparently he never did!
  9. Queen- At the end of the song We are the Champions, a lot of people remember the saying “of the world” at the very end of the song. This is not the case they actually said that somewhere else in the song.

Those are just some examples and I’ll leave a link below with more. Now some of these you are probably thinking are just a company renaming brands or in the newer movies the lines got changed etc. If companies did change it wouldn’t there be records somewhere on the internet about them changing the name. Surely it would have been in the news like everything else. However, I dare you all to go back and look/watch/read these examples and try and prove the Mandela effect wrong.


This is only just a theory but people will say anything to prove they are not wrong. It is believed that all those examples were exactly what we know it as but we may have possibly collided with a alternate/parallel universe. This might explain the original example of when Nelson Mandela died. Perhaps the original one did die and the alternate universe one survived and lived his remaining years in this universe or some of us ended up in another universe where what we know is wrong causing the Mandela Effect.

I want to hear from you in the comments have you run into any examples of the Mandela Effect that were not from my list or the link below? Did you notice any that were on the list that you were surprised about or didn’t know? Were there any that you do remember being the correct way? Do you believe it has something to do with a parallel universe? Also test your knowledge on the theory with the quiz link also posted below.



Greek Goddess Artemis



Artemis is the Greek Goddess of chasity, virginity, children, the moon and the hunt. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is the twin sister of Apollo and the half sister of all of Zeus’ children. She has no lover and no children.

Artemis and her brother were born on the island of Delos that was not official at the time of her birth and so Leto and her children remained safe from Hera. Artemis was the first to be born. An entire day before her brother arrived. She helped the islanders help her mother with the birthing of her brother. By doing this she became the protector of childbirth, labour and children. Artemis once had a lover, Orion. He had won her heart although so many couldn’t. However, it did not last. Apollo sent a scorpion to kill Orion because he heard someone tried to attack the priestess of the forest. When failed he told his sister what happened with the priestess. Enraged she wanted to know who it was. Orion was pointed out to be the culprit. She quickly shot an arrow and asked her brother who she had killed. She found out it was her dear friend Orion whom she had killed. She was saddened by this and brought him to the stars with his faithful hounds.

Artemis had another hunting companion before Orion named Actaeon. He betrayed her by trying to rape her. As punishment she turned him into a stag which became her sacred animal. She ended up despising men and asked her father to make it so that she can become a virgin for the rest of her life. Zeus at one point changed his form into Artemis and seduced one of Artemis’ faithful followers. He ended up impregnating the women, Calliso. Once she gave birth to Arcas she was turned into a bear by either Hera or Artemis.

Her symbols are a stag, a bow, arrows, the moon a heron, palm trees or cypress tee and a doe draw carriage.


Gems, Crystals and Stones: Sodalite

The next gem we will be looking at is sodalite.


Sodalite is named this because of its high sodium content. It was named in 1811 but was discovered in Greenland in 1806. It got confused very often for being Lapis Luzilie. Sodalite became popular and more in the light when the Princess Margaret was visiting Bancroft Canda in the 1800’s. The princess loved it so much she chose it as interior decoration in her home the Marlborough House. The nickname Princess blue for the stone came from that.


 Sodalite comes in all shades of blue. from light to dark just like lapis lazuli. Sometimes its pink or purple.


Sodalite is known for enhancing concentration and give people more courage. This is why its also known as the “Wisdom Stone.” It is associated with other positive attributes like its good for mental health. It clears out all the negative emotions and thoughts as well as guilty thoughts. It clears the mind so people can think clearly by taking away things like fear and doubts. It can also be good for the physical body as it can help increase metabolism and help with sleep problems like insomnia.  Sodalite is said to be able to boost the human immune system.  For those with diabetes if its carried around it can aid in helping the body reproduce insulin.


There is a common Sodalite which is usually blue like the photo above and Hackamanite is usually pink or purple like the photo below.


Sodalite is very common so it’s found all over the world. Although mostly found in Bancroft Canada it is also located in places such as; in British Columbia, and around Litchfield in Maine, Tasmania, Australia, India, Namibia, Columbia, the Eifel Mountains of Germany, the Ayopaya Province in Brazil, and the Kola Peninsula in Russia.



Legend of Crystals

Native American Legend of Crystals
by Fire_Opal

In ancient times, people lived in harmony with Nature. They spoke the same language as the animals and plants. They hunted for food only to satisfy their hunger and needs, always offering a prayer of thanks for what they had taken from Nature.

As time went on, humans lost this innocence and harmony. They took more than they needed. They forgot their prayers of gratitude. They killed animals, and each other, for sport or pleasure.
The Bear Tribe, chief among the animals, called a meeting of all the animals. They decided that something had to be done.

The Bears suggested that they shoot back when the humans shot at them, but the bow and arrow required too great a sacrifice, for one bear would have to give up his life so that his sinew could be used for the bowstring. The bear’s claws were too long for shooting a bow anyway, and would become entangled on the string.

The Deer Tribe offered another method of dealing with the problem. One of their members said, “We will bring disease into the world. Each of us will be responsible for a different illness. When humans live out of balance with Nature, when they forget to give thanks for their food, they will get sick.” And in fact the Deer did invoke rheumatism and arthritis; each animal then decided to invoke a different disease.

The Plant Tribe was more sympathetic and felt that this was too harsh a punishment, so they volunteered their help. They said that for every disease a human gets, one ot them would be present to cure it. That way, if people used their intelligence, they would be able to cure their ailments and regain their balance.

All of Nature agreed to this strategy. One plant in particular spoke out. This was Tobacco, the chief of the plants. He said, “I will be the sacred herb. I will not cure any specific disease, but will help people return to the sacred way of life, provided I am smoked or offered with prayers and ceremony. But if I am misused, if I am merely smoked for pleasure, I will cause cancer, the worst disease of all.”

The close friends of the Plant Tribe, the Rock Tribe and the Mineral Tribe, agreed to help. Each mineral would have a spiritual power, and a subtle vibration that could be sued to regain perfect health.

The Ruby, worn as an amulet, would heal the heart; the Emerald would heal the liver and eyes, and so on.

The chief of the mineral tribe, Quartz Crystal, was clear, like the light of Creation itself. Quartz put his arms around his brother Tobacco and said, “I will be the sacred mineral. I will heal the mind. I will help human beings see the origin of disease. I will help to bring wisdom and clarity to dreams. And I will record their spiritual history, including our meeting today, so that in the further, if humans gaze into me, they may see their origin and the way of harmony.”

And so it is today. This is a Cherokee legend, but it has been told in almost every tribe in the Americas. It tells of an ancient time of peace, a mythical homeland known to every culture on Earth. The Native Americans call it the “old way” or the “original way.


Gems and Stones: Amethyst

In this new article series I’ll be talking about gems, crystals and stones. I’ll be describing their unique properties, history of them, where to find them and what they can be used for.

Amethyst is my personal favourite gem. I’ve had it call to me multiple times. I have a amethyst pendent and one still in its crystallized rock form like the picture above.


Amethysts used to be as valuable as diamonds as it was thought to have legendary powers. To ancient people it was called “the Gem of Fire”. Its said the wine God Bacchus got angry over an insult. He said the first person he meets next with be devoured by his tigers. The first person he met was a young mortal maiden named Amethyst who was on her way to the shrine of Diana. The tigers tried to devour her but failed as the power of the Goddess protected her and turned her into a beautiful clear white crystal. Bacchus regretfully poured his  wine over the crystal giving it its beautiful purple colour. In Ancient Greece and Rome they would stud their goblets with amethyst because they thought it would prevent them from becoming intoxicated. Catholic priests believed the same thing except they would wear amethyst rings.


Amethysts don’t just come in a purple hue. They can be any colour from a light red-violet to a deep violet. Sometimes it has a few regular white quartz among the other colours. They can also be opaque and transparent.


Amethysts as mentioned above have thought to have legendary powers. This isn’t entirely wrong. Amethysts are known to have healing and protection properties. Also as stated before people used to believe it prevented them from becoming intoxicated however this remains a myth. It’s healing works with physical, mental and emotional pain. That being said it doesn’t cure people from pain it can only subside it temporally. Those who rely on it might find that it helps more with mental health. For example if one is grieving over a loss an amethyst can help sooth them.  It is also thought to be connected to the divine which goes with the creation story above. It has played a part in many cultures and faiths; such as Hebrews, Catholic’s, Egyptians and many other Eastern cultures.  In today’s society it still has spiritual meaning. It represents the third eye, the crown and Etheric chakras. By doing so it enhances psychic abilities. It increases wisdom, creativity and passion as well.


Brandberg Amethyst is a unique and extraordinary blend of Amethyst, Clear and Smoky Quartz together in one exceedingly high-vibrational crystal. It is found only in Namibia, Africa.

Chevron Amethyst displays v-shaped chevrons of deep purple and white Quartz that “seep” into beautiful layers. Found in Africa.

Cacoxenite in Amethyst mingles dark brown to yellow tufts of Cacoxenite, a phosphate mineral and major component in the Super Seven crystal, with the host crystal Amethyst. Found in Hrbek Mines of Bohemia in the Czech Republic and Brazil,

Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine within the same crystal. Found only in Bolivia and extremely rare to find in nature.

“Rutilated” Amethyst is a rare form of Amethyst which appears to contain Rutile, but actually contains brownish crystals of Goethite, an iron hydroxide mineral also found in the Super Seven crystal. Found in south Africa, Australia, Ukraine, Norway and the United States (Virginia and North Carolina).


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