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When we are talking about graveyard dirt the first thing you need to know is that the cemetery in which you are gathering is the property of the dead, with this in mind it is a good idea to ask permission from the keepers of the dead. In voodoo their are 2 families of spirits that are known to frequent the cemetery the Barons who are the spirits of death and the Gedes who are spirits of the dead, if you are not ready for the spirits of voodoo quite yet then a petition to gran pays may be done literally meaning “great country”, in this you are asking the entire community of the graveyard to give you permission to enter their domain. If you are given welcome to their country then remember the golden rule in spirit work, don’t take if you are not prepared to give. Most of these spirits will enjoy an offering of rum, coffee, cigars, and sweets give these after you have politely and clearly stated your intentions in the graveyard.

There are many uses for graveyard dirt, the main being goofer dust, everything from ridding yourself of a person to the other end of the spectrum love me or die types of work. Different graves may also come into play for example one might ask an unknown solider to do their work as they are good at following orders or the grave of a gambler to have more luck. Graveyard dirt is not the only type of dirt that may be used;

Dirt from 4 corners -to open up the roads of success. (correlates with ellegua,keeper of
the crossroads.)

Dirt from the mountains -used in cleansing spells as well as in communicating with the
spirits that reside specifically in a mountain region.

Dirt from the forest -used in spells of protection.

Dirt from 4 jails -used in spells to either release or keep an individual incarcerated.

Dirt from 4 police stations -to bring the police to a persons home or business.

Dirt from 4 banks -for prosperty spells.

Dirt from an indian cemetery -for spells of protection. (can also be used to help summon
your indian guide.)

Dirt from 4 churches -for use in cleansing spells.

Dirt from a hospital -can be used for both cleansing and harm.

Dirt from the home of a witch -spells of domination and harm.

Dirt from the home of a santero(priest of santeria) – in spells of protection.

Dirt from the home of a palero(priest of palo mayombe) -in spells of harm or

Dirt from a courthouse – for victory in court cases.

Dirt from 12 noon -for spells of protection.

Dirt from a race track – for gambling spells.

Dirt from a seashore -for fertility and cleansing spells.(Correlates With
yemaya,goddess of the seas)

Dirt from the rivers edge -for love and marriage spells.(correlates with oshun,goddess of love and marriage)

Dirt from the bottom of (ones own) shoes -spells of domination and harm.

Dirt from where two dogs have fought -spells of conflict.

Dirt from a casino -for money spells

Dirt from a soldiers grave -spells of protection and domination. (also of courage)

Dirt from a law library -for legal matters.

Dirt from a library – for knowledge and wisdom.

Dirt from a doctors office -for spells of healing.

Sources; Harry M. Hayatt
Judika Illes

Spell Jar

So recently I came up with this idea, I had a saying over the past years that went well that jerk is going in the jar, but I never actually had a jar it was just a thing that I said on occasion. Why didn’t I have a general jar for cursing, some place I could just throw names without having to do a spell each and every time, so I came up with a concept, I would create a sigil using the word method (the one where you take out all the vowels and extra letters and mash the rest together) and I would paint it on the inside of a wide mouth jar I had left over from a candle I had bought, and then place some general items in the bottom of it that would help add to the effect and I would have a spell jar that I could just throw pieces of paper into and forget about it.

This is what I used:
Oil paint
Linseed oil (to dilute the oil paints)
A small paintbrush

First I designed my sigil, this, of course, can take a couple of tries as you put it together in a way that is pleasing to you, then I taped the paper with it large enough to cover a significant portion of the jar and taped it to the outside, I then simply diluted my oil paints with the linseed oil in the colors I chose for the job and painted the sigil to the inside of my jar. Then I gathered a few items that represented my intent and placed them in the bottom of the jar. I now have another beautiful piece for my altar and a general spell jar that I can use. I am going to use this jar for cursing, but really I suppose you could use it for anything, a friend needs some positive energy thrown their way, put them in the jar, someone could some extra protection, they go in the jar too. Really you could use this kind of jar for anything and it would be a simple way to get your spell work done, like a witch hack!

The Emperor

Sigil Creation 3 Ways



The first sigil creation method as with the second are both pretty straight forward, with the first you write out your goal then you get rid of vowels and then any repeating letters and then push the letters together with a little bit of artistic flair and some patience you have a tailor made sigil to your need.

The second method is the rose cross, here you write down a word or a short description of your intent and then you draw a circle with the letter you are starting with, then move from letter to letter until you are done and then draw a diagonal line at the last letter, as with the first you can add your own artistic flair to the sigil and make it truly your own.

This last method is going to need a little bit more explaining, A magic square is a representation of magick from a mathmatical standpoint.  They are typically arranged in such a way that any row is equal to the sum of any column and while there are many magickal squares, spiritual entities and forces with in this system I will keep it simple however for this article.

First we have the 7 classical planets and their seals


Square of the Sun


Day: Sunday

Color: Yellow

Sign: Leo

Correspondences:Health, vitality, ego, power, success, advancement, leadership, and growth

Seal of the Sun


Square of the Moon


Day: Monday

Color: Silver

Sign: Cancer

Correspondences:Clairvoyance, sleep, emotions, astral travel, imagination, women, birth, and reincarnation.

Seal of the Moon


Square of Mars


Day: Tuesday

Color: Red

Sign: Aries, Scorpio

Correspondence: Male sexuality, strength, lust, anger, destruction, medical issues.

Seal of Mars


Square of Mercury


Day: Wednesday

Color: Purple

Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Correspondences:Communication, intellect, writing, contracts, information, wisdom, science, memory.

Seal of Mercury


Square of Jupiter


Day: Thursday

Color: Blue

Sign: Sagittarius

Correspondence:Success, abundance, money, growth, gambling.

Seal of Jupiter


Square of Venus


Friday Color: Green

Sign: Taurus, Libra

Correspondences:Love, pleasure, female sexuality, arts, music, beauty, luxury, social affairs.

Seal of Venus


Square of Saturn


Day: Saturday

Color: Black

Sign: Capricorn

Correspondences:Real estate, banks, debt, obstacles, binding, knowledge, time, discipline.

Seal of Saturn


First decide on a key word that describes your goal


Then using the numerical chart above find the numbers for your goal

For example Money 4 6 5 5 7


Now find the square in the list above in this case Jupiter

Again you can add artist flair to make it your own,  start your sigil with a circle with the first number and move from number to number, at the end a diagonal line to show that your sigil is done.


Spiritual Bathing

When there is an abundance of negative energy in our lives, or we feel that fog creep into our space bringing with it tiredness and apathy, it may be time to undertake a spiritual bath.  There are many types of spiritual bathing for different reasons, money, business, gambling, love, etc. but the main type of bath I will discuss here is to spiritually invigorate and to rid oneself of negative energies.

First take with you into the bathroom white candles, place them in safe places around the bathroom, so that your bathroom is illuminated by the light, then kneel by your bath as you run the water as hot as you can stand it, have the herbs you have chosen in a bowl beside you.  When the bath has been drawn take out your herbs one at a time, let the energy run into your palms as you grind the herbs between them over the bath, visualizing what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Once your herbs are in step into your tub and wash your body in a direction that moves the water away from your head thus getting rid of these negative energies.  Watch the steam rise from your body and visualize it taking with it the negative energy.

Some herbs that will help you accomplish this:














Hyssop – may cause headaches if you use too much, or stay in the bath too long, this is a very powerful remover of any type of negativity

Little John





Parsley – used with milk will create a very powerful spiritual restorative

White Rose Petals





Witch Hazel



Dream Ritual

What you will need:

  • Moushwa (head cloth)
  • Shallow Dish
  • Water
  • Small white candle

If you are unsure of what color your moushwa should be use white, drape it across your shoulders and bring all of these items to your bedroom.  On a night stand fix your candle to the shallow dish and light it, slowly, and carefully start pouring water as high up on the candle into the dish with out putting the candle out or overflowing your dish.   Say a silent prayer while the candle burns, tell the Lwa you want to learn Voodoo, and that you could use some guidance, and clarity.  Wait till the candle has gone out, take your moushwa off and place it beside the bowl and go to sleep.  Keep a dream journal beside your bed and record your dreams, look for reoccurring themes or symbols that stand out.

On the other side of the Mirror

Papa Damballah, Mistress Erzulie, with Miss Aida, I give you to eat with the left hand.  It is with the left hand because you are the Invisibles”

Maya Deren, The Divine Horsemen

When ritual takes place we step through this life into the realm of the Lwa a mirror image of this world, so we use our left hand when we would use our right, and walk backwards when we would move forward, because we are on the other side.

The ritual steps you will be following later reflect that, the salutes themselves show this mirror game with the Lwa, plunging into the mirror to the other side where the Lwa dwell.   In the Veve’s themselves you can see this mirrored image both sides are in balanced with each other, the cross roads, the cross, these are all examples of the the depth of universal wisdom and how deep the water goes on the other side.

So everything the Bokor does after his/her ritual must be reflected in this if you are serving normally with your right you must do so with your left, if you are stirring something clockwise you must stir counterclockwise you are now on the other side of the mirror with the Lwa, inversion and reversal.   Your flesh keeping you buoyant in the abysmal waters allowing you to flow through these waters easily to find the Lwa you are looking for.

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