It is said that Creator gave us plants for everything we need here on this Earth for medicine. All we have to do is honor and care for them; this will assure us many years of healing. The strawberry plant is important in our culture, and if it is not honored or used, then it will disappear from this Earth. The strawberry plant was given to the women; all of this plant is for healing of the women. The berry is a natural medicine for the womb, and the leaves make tea for childbirth. The roots are used for healing after childbirth. The strawberry is used as an estrogen enhancer during the transition time between childbearing years and the time of matron-hood.

For weeks, the young women would gather these small and sweet berries until the first full moon. On the day of the first full moon, there would be hundreds of women gathering for the ceremony. By then the Moon was as full as the huge fat-bellied pottery jars filled with crushed berries.

In mythology, Strawberries are connected to the Norse goddess of love, Freyja. Also, a Norse legend exists where the spirits of children enter the afterlife by hiding in strawberries that are
taken to heaven by Frigga, Oden’s wife. In Magickal work, strawberries are ruled by the planet Venus, are associated with Fairies and can be used for love, luck, passion, and abundance.

The strawberry is a berry that is attached to many positive things
through symbolism and folklore. The structure of the leaves, being trifoliate, represent Mother Goddess maiden , mother and crone. In Victorian flower language, the berry also
symbolizes perfection and “sweetness in life and character.” and modesty …because the berries are often found under the leaves. This is a time to reflect on what youve accomplished in your year. Time to savor the sweetness that comes with ripeness.

this is also a time to show your gratitude to the magickal bee. the amazing honey that is a gift from the lord and lady. a mixture of milk and honey are always a potent offering and addition to any alter. honey aids the body and the soul. It has been used to strengthen the body against viruses, as an antibiotic for wounds, for rejuvenation in beauty products, and a little honey on the bedside table can really sweeten things up in the bedroom. heh….. remember also the honeybee when you light your alter candle. and the significance of the wax we gather to light our way in the darkness.